Our Office Team

Emilio Díaz

Ibiza, 1974
The oldest brother is a commercial pilot by profession; although he completed his studies in Valencia, he has never practiced. His love for Ibiza has led him to promote the island's most genuine nature and traditions in each transfer service, just as he learned from his father. His mission goes beyond business, aiming to leave a positive legacy in Ibiza. As a leader, he is known for his attention to detail and passion for serving, inspiring, and fostering a sense of familiarity within the team.

Jordi Díaz

Ibiza, 1985
Jordi regularly supports UD Ibiza and can be found at Can Misses Stadium on Sundays. He was born into a family of private transfer business owners, alongside his brother Emilio. Growing up, he developed a passion for the island and its culture. Jordi is known for his patience and decisiveness, but his most impressive quality is his ability to perform effectively under pressure. He always strives to give his best and brings out the full potential of his team.

Josep Costa

Ibiza, 1988
Over ten years ago, Josep started working as a driver during the summer while pursuing his studies. Through his years of experience, he has become an essential asset to the General Management team, serving as a trustworthy liaison for all drivers. Josep's responsibilities include recruitment, training, and implementing new ideas and improvements. He is a creative, empathetic, and highly dedicated individual.

Jordi Riera

Ibiza, 1991
Jordi has been playing the bass in different bands since he was a child. Nowadays, he balances his passion for music with his commitment to being a parent. At our company, he is doing an excellent job managing the company's finances, and his responsible and detail-oriented approach is highly valued. With Jordi at the helm, we can rest assured that our resources are being efficiently utilized.

Alessandro Fraschi

Livorno (Toscana, Italia), 1975
Alessandro is a person who truly values life. He takes pleasure in every moment and spends his free time discovering secluded beaches in Ibiza. Although he has been a part of our team for more than 25 years, he finds immense joy in returning to Italy during winter to ski and admire the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his nieces and creating unforgettable memories with them.

Daiana Iordache

Constanța (Rumanía), 1991
Daiana started working as a driver in our company and showed excellent professionalism from the start. Over time, she has honed her skills and is now a traffic coordinator. She is responsible, efficient, and always strives to find the best client solution. Moreover, Daiana is family-oriented and loves spending time with her son and enjoying nature.

Alejandro Rodríguez

Madrid, 1986
Alejandro is an experienced traffic coordinator who excels at managing clients' last-minute requests for transfer services with great attention and responsibility. He is known for his warmth and affection, particularly towards dogs, and enjoys taking them on winter walks along the beach. Alejandro's professional and personal qualities make him a valuable and supportive team member.

Cristina Álvarez

Ibiza, 1982
Cristina is a full-time athlete and mother who excels in coordinating the transportation of groups to fashionable villas and venues. She possesses solid logistical skills that enable her to solve any challenges that come her way. Her team continuously trains to stay up-to-date and maintain a professional approach towards their work. Cristina is the primary point of contact for new clients and pays special attention to satisfying existing clients. She understands the importance of loyalty as a powerful promotional tool.

Lara Bollini

Varese (Lombardía, Italia), 1979
After enjoying a long career as an international tour guide in multiple agencies, Lara finally found her professional home in Ibiza in 2004. She is responsible for dealing directly with clients and providing expert advice on transfer options for groups, agencies, and individuals. The team highly values her decisive approach to work and dedication to each client, making her an exceptional asset to the management.

Alice Fernandes

Brasília (Distrito Federal, Brasil), 1998
Alice is a big fan of the Rio Carnival and has a strong affection for her family, her nephews, and nature. Her upbeat attitude is evident in her love for spending time at the beach during her free time and her professional role within the team. As someone responsible for serving clients, she provides specialized advice on transfer options for groups, agencies, and individuals. Her positive energy is infused into every aspect of her work.

José Yern

Ibiza, 1961
Pepe is a person who loves cooking, doing farm work, and roasting sobrassada on a good grill. He has been supervising all the administrative processes of the group's companies for over 15 years. This task, like cooking, requires dedication and, above all, much patience.

Pedro Aguilera

Granada, 1958
He knows how the company's accounting works inside out, which he has managed since the late 90s. Pedro loves walking on the beach, both in summer and winter. Still, if he surprises us with anything, it is his incredible ability to remember the numbers by heart, something highly appreciated within the team.

Sabina Guerrero

Ibiza, 1986
She was born while her father was behind the wheel of one of our coaches and grew up next to him while she accompanied him, sitting in the guide's seat. Today, Sabina has been working with us for more than ten years. In addition to being able to manage your reservation with her from start to finish, you will recognize her by her characteristic friendly and helpful tone on the phone.

Esperanza Jiménez

Sevilla, 1964
Esperanza is in charge of managing collections and keeping billing up to date. He has extensive experience in all the administrative management of a company. Xiqui, as we call her at home, is affectionate, sensitive, happy, and very organized. She loves to travel and is passionate about good gastronomy.

Elisabet Gómez

Ibiza, 1987
Eli, with experience in comprehensive reservation management and a notable track record in customer service, also plays a crucial role as our official supplier of sobrassada from the organic farm "Tierra de Ibiza." She runs a part-time business with her partner, growing seasonal fruits and vegetables. Their commitment and connection with the land of Ibiza reflect our values ​​and add potential to our team.

Sonia Torres

Ibiza, 1973
Sonia, who is passionate about crafts, channels her skill and creativity into making dresses and espadrilles and restoring furniture, as well as the mastery necessary to coordinate and optimize the routes of all the shared transfers we carry out daily during the summer season. Her work demands a unique combination of technical aptitudes and talent, contributing significantly to our service's efficiency.

Hannah Pignoloni

Leuven (Belgium), 1993
Hannah has a wealth of experience in customer service. Her experience in tourism industry has given her a deep understanding of customer needs and how to meet them. She is a friendly and involved person. In addition, she is fluent in Dutch (her mother tongue), French and English, which is a great asset to our company.

Anthony Macasaet

Lipá (Batangas, Filipinas), 1997
Anthony has become an integral part of our team in a short period. As a native English speaker, he brings added value to our company. Anthony is highly organized and efficient, always ensuring that everything runs smoothly. He is friendly and approachable, and his presence enriches our work environment in many ways.

Ivana González

Buenos Aires (CABA, Argentina), 1989
She is passionate about practicing yoga and dedicated to her personal and spiritual growth. Her role involves managing bookings and providing customer service. She stands out with her positive approach and willingness to assist, bringing professional skills and a proactive and empathetic attitude to the team.

A transversal commitment

The Dipesa Group is a family business growing for over 30 years. Throughout history, we have prioritized our team by placing them at the center of our practices, just like in the best families. This approach has helped us cultivate solid values and a learning culture, contributing to our success.

We believe in a flexible way of working, which gives us agility in problem-solving and more efficient management. In our vision, equality of opportunity and gender is fundamental, allowing our employees to develop their potential. We actively promote inclusive diversity and combat discrimination, recognizing and taking advantage of the valuable talent that a multicultural society brings. This commitment not only defines our business approach but also strengthens the unity and prosperity of the Dipesa Group family.


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