Dipesa Group, a socially responsible company

For our company, Corporate Social Responsibility is the commitment with which we prove daily our respect for the society of Ibiza and the fragile ecosystems of our island, creating added value from the provision of our services to people from all scenes and social strata. We drive our vehicles taking into account the impact that this generates on our customers, employees, society and the overall environment. For this reason, our course of action pursues an upright and responsible modus operandi, based on respect. This ideology has led us to collaborate on a multitude of social projects and fun runs, as well as to sponsor local sports teams, or invest in a revolutionary key management system with built-in breathalyzer control for all our drivers, to name but a few examples.

Solar energy

Currently 75% of our daily energy consumption is generated by solar panels located on the roof of our warehouse. Workshop machinery, cleansing, offices, repair and painting are supplied with more than 62kW of solar production provided by the 216 solar panels that we have in our facilities. Today we can proudly say that more than half of the electrical energy usage comes from the sun.

The achievement of this project, to reduce the environmental impact of energy consumption was possible thanks to the aid offered by the Balearic Government (GOIB) for the installation of clean energy self-consumption systems for companies, through investment co-financed by European FEDER funds.

Efficient fleet

Dipesa Group is the only discretionary passenger transport company in the Balearic Islands with electric cars in its fleet. The first Tesla Model S in Spain fetched up at our facilities for a campaign to promote the brand at European level. Today we have a Tesla Model X in our fleet of vehicles for hire, and a Renault Zoe and a Suzuki Silence S02 for internal transfers of the company. In 2018 we made the purchase of the first Irizar I6s for discretionary transport in the Balearic Islands, the most environmentally friendly 55-seater vehicle in terms of emissions in the entire province. In addition, coaches, minibuses and especially vehicles from our vehicle for hire fleet are renewed at most every two years, thus ensuring a reduction in our CO2 emission and minimizing our carbon footprint.

Incentives for efficient driving

In addition to having all our vehicles geolocated for the optimization of our daily operations, the consumption of each of them is also monitored to know the driving of our drivers. The consumption of each of them is weighted monthly and incentives have been established at the end of the month for each group of drivers according to the type of vehicle they carry.

Water recycling

The washing tunnel of our facilities has a recirculation system that recycles the water used during the washing of our vehicles to be used later. During the washing of the vehicles our tunnel filters the water through the ground towards a first sifting process and separation of hydrocarbons, then passing to a mother tank where the possible oils that could be left in the water are released and, before a pre-filtering, the water is led to an aeration tank to avoid the proliferation of algae and microorganisms. Once here, the water is filtered through a volcanic gravel system to a specific reservoir that is used during the pre-washing of our vehicles.  All the pre-wash water, which represents approximately 70% of the water used in the washing process, comes from recycled water, while the remaining 30% is osmosis water that we use for the rinsing process. 

Promoting shared transfer

Our Shuttle service (www.ibizaairportshuttle.com) encourages the use of shared transportation through its very affordable prices to reduce travelers' carbon footprint considerably. By sharing short trips with more people traveling in a coach of 55 seats to the same tourist center, the CO2 emitted per person is much lower than in a passenger car.

Digitization of processes

Since the summer season of 2018, paper has disappeared from the daily operation of our drivers, annually saving more than 1.500 kg of paper. All route sheets, customer lists, data collection and information exchange between drivers and our offices are done through a mobile application of our own in-house development that, in addition to speeding up the exchange of information, helps us to protect data as sensitive as that of our customers.

Plastic reduction

This campaign, which has been completed on summer season 2021 is to remove completely the plastic of the amenities that we offer to the passenger and replace the bottles of water that we offer to all customers of our premium service, for bottles of water with a 100% recyclable container and bottle caps of source material totally vegetable. In 2021 we expect to acquire more than 30,000 TetraPak bottles that will save roughly one and a half tons of plastic.