Ibiza during the Easter season

Recommended activities to do in Ibiza during the Easter season. A 3-day plan to get to know the island.

Holy Week in Ibiza is a perfect time to enjoy a holiday full of unforgettable experiences. In this entry, we will guide you through a personalized itinerary that balances culture with entertainment, offering Easter activity options ranging from immersion in local culture and exploring iconic beaches to adventure tourism and sunsets. That will remain engraved in your memory.
Get ready to experience Ibiza uniquely. For more than 30 years, at Dipesa Group, we have shared tradition and love for our land to offer you an unforgettable experience. This small guide will give you experiences full of wonder and happiness. 

Day 1: Discover the World Heritage and local traditions

Start your trip through Ibiza exploring its cultural legacy with private transport organized to suit you and your time. With it, you can start the route through the ancient Phoenician site of Sa Caleta, a world heritage site that tells you about its founders; the fishermen and sailors who crossed the seas millennia ago. Enjoy the beautiful views and follow the route to the Madina Yabisa Interpretation Centre, where layers of Ibiza's history are revealed in its exhibitions.

Continue your cultural journey towards the Bastions of Sant Pere and Sant Jaume, where you will take in the stunning views of a defensive past. You will be able to catch your breath and continue getting to know the beauty of our home.

For a deeper understanding of Ibizan traditions, you can't help but ask your private driver to take you to the Museum of Ethnography. It is a magnificent opportunity to experience activities in Ibiza with native touches and immerse yourself in its display of clothing, instruments, and tools that form the cultural tapestry of the island.

If you are an art lover, visit the Ibiza Modern Art Center. The MACE is a hidden treasure with works by Tàpies and Miralles and a notable collection of Japanese prints that bear witness to the artistic diversity that beautifies Ibiza.

After nourishing the spirit with history and art, it is time to comfort. We recommend you visit some of the most famous beaches on the island. During Holy Week, the influx of bathers is low, allowing you to enjoy these paradisiacal beaches in tranquility. Some beaches you must visit are Ses Salines, Platges de Comte, and Cala Bassa. Take the opportunity to relax on the sand, dip in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoy the sun.

Day 2: Natural Adventure and Unforgettable Sunsets

Wake up this day with the excitement of a natural adventure. We recommend you go with private transportation that is dedicated to your itinerary.

For those who like challenges, the path that leads to Sa Talaia invites you to conquer the highest peak on the island. Coming to this area of Ibiza is to receive the gift of panoramic views and a new understanding of Mother Nature.

For this day, a hiking route will be the particular activity. A guided visit to the emblematic spots of Sa Pedrera de Cala d'Hort (popularly known as Atlantis) and Punta Galera, from where you can see the islet of Es Vedrá, will become an unforgettable moment. This is where the energy invades even the most skeptical and always leaves good comments.

Once you've returned, catch your breath and prepare your palate to taste the island's most straightforward and most delicious local cuisine. Tell your private driver that I took you to Ca's Pagès. A traditional house where they serve grilled meats and some homemade Ibizan dishes and desserts. It is one of the emblematic restaurants in the northern area, open since the seventies. Steaks, blood sausages, chorizos, chicken, and vegetables come from their charcoal barbecue. Still, it is also worth trying the arroz de matas (typical of Ibizan winters and, therefore, powerful) or the soft payès in a clay pot with potatoes, meat, and local sausages.
But you are looking for something simpler, more prosperous, and just as local. In that case, we recommend Es Pins or Can Sulayetas. Traditional bars, where we Ibizans enjoy good bread and better company.

To end the day, you can't go to rest without watching the sunset from somewhere near your accommodation. Ibiza, from any angle, will give you indescribable colors. Let the emotions of the day accompany you, return safely in your private transportation, and let the night envelop the island you will have tomorrow for you.

Day 3: Local Gastronomy and Holy Week Traditions

As you reach the third and final day of your trip to Ibiza, it is time to immerse yourself in the essence of the local gastronomy and participate in the deep traditions of Holy Week, which plague every corner of this island. The celebration of Easter here is synonymous with new beginnings. It is the perfect time to bring to life the most authentic expressions of Ibizan culture.

Start the day calmly and enjoy a mid-morning walk through a local market, where the flavors of the land come to life in each piece of 'flaó'. That Ibizan goat cheese cake with a touch of mint leaves. Your private driver can suggest which ones to visit since many are around the island. In all of them, you will find something unique and very traditional.

We recommend trying the 'cuinat' at the Es Caliu Restaurant for lunch. A stew of vegetables and chickpeas typical of Holy Week in Ibiza envelops you with the homely warmth of Ibizan cuisine.

After an after-dinner meal with herbs from Ibiza, we suggest you go with your private transport to the upper part of Dalt Vila, where the traditional Holy Week procession unleashes a symphony of drums and candles, where the Nazarenes parade among the steep and cobbled streets of the walled city.

Another option is to live the experience in other towns on the island, such as Santa Eulària, where processions and the Stations of the Cross are held that attract locals and tourists alike, given their solemnity.

Once the religious ceremonies are over, you can take the opportunity to close with a flourish on a terrace facing the sea. Enjoy a cocktail and the spectacular views. The perfect environment to reflect on the experiences during your stay before returning to your accommodation.

Private transport in Ibiza with Dipesa Group

During your stay in Ibiza, having a private transport service can make a difference in waiting, comfort, and enjoyment. Dipesa Group is a leading family business in private transportation on the island, with over 30 years of serving our clients. We offer the experience of getting to know the most authentic and traditional Ibiza in high-end cars and with drivers who respect and value every bit of our land.

Book your private transport for Easter in Ibiza.

Traveling is discovering, learning, and enjoying. At Dipesa Group, we are dedicated to making your trips unforgettable and worry-free. Trust us to provide you with first-class private transportation in Ibiza and live the unique experience of getting to know the most authentic and traditional island during Holy Week with the help of Ibicencos, with more than 30 years of experience sharing the value of our island in each transfer.


Private transport service for group trips in Ibiza.

Guide to selecting the best private transport service for group trips in Ibiza.

Do you want a luxury transportation service that adapts to the needs and preferences of your group? Are you looking for a way to travel with all the comfort and safety your family vacation deserves?

Our island is a center of personal and professional adventures that receives millions of people with different needs yearly. The services are as varied as the thousands of tourists searching for experiences, so knowing how to choose is essential.

If you are coming to spend a few days in Ibiza or are organizing an event or activity in which comfort, image, and convenience are priorities, come to this post, where the Dipesa Group team will advise you on choosing the private transportation that suits your expectations.

What is and what are the luxury private transport service minibusses in Ibiza like?

A luxury private transport minibus is a vehicle with 11 or more seats designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience to its passengers. It has a series of features and benefits that differentiate it from conventional coaches. Some of these features are:

– Large, ergonomic, and reclining seats, with headrests, footrests, and, in some cases, seats facing each other to maintain social contact during the journey.

– Individual air conditioning, adjustable lighting, curtains, and/or tinted windows to create a pleasant and private atmosphere.

– Complimentary water service and amenities on board for the passenger's well-being.

– Spacious trunk for luggage and interior compartments for personal items.

– Adaptations for people with reduced mobility.

In addition, a luxury minibus has the latest safety and efficiency technology, braking, suspension, speed and stability control systems, geolocation technology, and ecological engines that reduce consumption and emissions.

4 Expert Tips: How to Select a Private Transfer Service for Group Tours in Ibiza?

  1. Identify the group's needs for travel by private transportation.

Before starting your search, it's crucial to consider your group's specific needs. These may include the number of people who will travel, the duration of the trip, whether there are people with disabilities, and something that is not always considered: The destination and its route. Knowing this will help you select a vehicle with the appropriate capacity and characteristics since, in Ibiza, depending on the area you want to reach or visit, the roads and streets are not always suitable for any vehicle.

  1. Check the condition and maintenance of the vehicle, as well as the safety provided by the driver.

Just as we pointed out at the beginning, in Ibiza, there is a vast diversity of services and qualities of private transfers. Before deciding, ensure the vehicle you hire is in top condition and adequately maintained. We suggest always asking for updated photos of the fleet and not getting carried away by the salesman's words.

Likewise, find out about the regulations drivers go through when driving, the recording and geolocation services, and the training the drivers who offer the service have.

  1. Local knowledge of the private transportation service

If you plan a trip to Ibiza, ensure the transportation service has a good knowledge of the area. Ibiza has roads that are not in the best condition for traveling with large vehicles, and having an experienced local guide will make each journey flow in the best way. Ensure your group has a smooth experience and arrives at your desired destinations on time.

  1. Customer Service

It is essential that the transport company has accessible customer service, that it responds quickly and empathetically to your questions and needs, and, of course, that it draw up explicit and detailed contracts that do not lend themselves to misunderstandings. This will give you peace of mind if changes and unforeseen events arise during the trip.

What are the advantages of renting a private transfer from Dipesa Group to transport a group in Ibiza?

Choosing a private transfer with Dipesa Group to travel and get to know our island has many advantages for passengers and trip organizers. Some are:

– Flexibility:  at Dipesa Group, we recommend the best possible service for each route, but you have the last word. With us, you can choose the vehicle that best suits your needs according to capacity, equipment, and design. You can also customize the itinerary, schedule, and stops according to your preferences and the group's.

On the other hand, we are incredibly proud to be one of the few private companies in Ibiza that have adapted vehicles and trained personnel to transport people with reduced mobility.

– Convenience:  when renting a private transfer of our category, you forget about driving, looking for parking, loading and arranging luggage, and following a fixed schedule. Our main objective will be for all passengers to relax and enjoy the trip while our team takes care of agendas, details, and last-minute changes.

– Security:  you make sure that you travel with a vehicle in unsurpassed conditions since, at Dipesa Group, we are known for offering exclusive transfers in a high-end geolocated fleet. Likewise, you have the certainty of having a professional driver who has passed a breathalyzer test before getting behind the wheel for each service and has the experience and training to take you on any route to the most authentic part of Ibiza.

– Customer service:  at Dipesa Group, we strive to provide personalized service. Our drivers are in constant contact with the client and take care of any setbacks because we know that enjoyment is only possible when our clients feel trusted, listened to, and cared for.

– Circular economy:  by renting a group service, you collaborate with the environment and do your part in conserving our wonderful island. Our mission as a family and local business, with more than 30 years of service is to promote, share, and always give back to our land something better than what it gives us with so much love.


Choosing a private transportation service for a group trip doesn't have to be complicated. Considering these points, you can select the service that best suits your needs and guarantee an unforgettable experience.

If you need to hire a private transfer in Ibiza, do not hesitate to contact us at Dipesa Group.  Our team of professionals will be happy to help you plan your experience.

Happy visit to our home. Ibiza!


Leader in safety and efficiency in private transportation

Dipesa Group is the leader in safety and efficiency in private transportation, according to the Spanish Association of Fleet and Mobility Managers.

If you are looking for a safe, efficient, and quality private transport experience in Ibiza, you have come to the right place. Our family business Dipesa Group, with more than 30 years of offering private transfers, has been awarded by the Spanish Association of Fleet and Mobility Managers (AEGFA) with the “Safe and Efficient Mobility” award.

A title that we are proud of and that summarizes the great work of the Díaz-Planells family and all those who have joined together and trusted in the philosophy that began to take shape generations ago to provide the best of services to share the love for our land.

What led us to win the “Safe and Efficient Mobility” award?

A safe and efficient fleet with innovative technology

At Dipesa Group, we have strived to maintain an innovative approach to using technology to improve the safety of our drivers and passengers. Since 2014, we have implemented a revolutionary key management system developed by the Swedish company Assa Abloy. This system uses a key locker with a built-in breathalyzer, which locks each key individually and requires drivers to pass a breathalyzer test before obtaining a vehicle key. This measure ensures that all drivers are in optimal driving conditions, guaranteeing the safety of passengers and reducing the risk of accidents related to alcohol consumption.

Additionally, last year, we began collaborating with GEOTAB, a global leader in connected transportation solutions, to improve the efficiency of our fleet. Thanks to GEOTAB technology, at Dipesa Group, we have monitored our drivers in real-time, identifying inefficient driving patterns and promoting a more ecological driving style. Implementing artificial intelligence-powered dash cameras has also contributed to road safety, reducing traffic accidents by 10%.

Commitment to sustainability and safety

Years ago, at Dipesa Group, we also committed to work for our business's sustainability. It is the only way to protect our main asset, our territory, and that is why the reduction in fuel consumption by 20% and the reduction of 132 tons of CO2 emissions per year are such significant data for our company.

As a private transportation company, we understand the importance of transforming our actions into increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly actions because only then will we continue to enjoy this unique and special piece of land forever.

Recognition from the Spanish Association of Fleet and Mobility Managers (AEGFA)


This recognition is a testament to the hard work and commitment we at Dipesa Group make to provide high-quality private transport services in Ibiza. It is an endorsement we are proud of because it recognizes our innovative approach and our dedication to the safety and sustainability of our work.


At Dipesa Group, we're committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and stress-free transportation experience. Our unwavering devotion to excellence ensures you enjoy reliable and high-quality private transportation services during your stay in Ibiza. 

Our clients and we are not the only ones who think this; the AEGFA also loudly and clearly confirms it.

Christmas in Ibiza with Private Transfer

Celebrating Christmas in Ibiza: Traditions, Fun, and a Mild and Pleasant Winter.

Christmas is one of Spain's most popular holidays; for many, it is the most anticipated time of the year. The reason is that these are times when many families come together, providing an opportunity to experience moments of joy and sharing.
At Dipesa Group, we especially enjoy these holidays because they bring an atmosphere where the history and value of tradition prevail. As a family company with over 30 years of experience, we have witnessed how the island has evolved. However, during Christmas, a sense of love for our surroundings envelops every visitor and resident, reminding us that our home is irreplaceable.


From all of Spain, is it worth celebrating Christmas and New Year in Ibiza?

Eighty percent of the population in Spain practices Christianity, and for this group, Christmas is one of the most important festivities. Every year on December 24th and 25th, we commemorate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, turning the occasion into a time of gratitude and happiness. A few days later, on December 31st, another vital occasion arrives. We celebrate New Year's Eve, the last day of the year, with traditions, parties, and a touch of superstition.

But if we focus on Ibiza, it has its own way of celebrating these holidays, being an exciting place with an easy connection to nature to spend the days of celebration.

Our island is well-known for its beaches and nightclubs. However, many must know that traveling to the island in December for holidays is also a good option. Airplane tickets are cheaper than in summer, there are fewer tourists, and the weather, although more remarkable, is very sunny and can feel warm for most of the day. Trails and routes are open for walks with incredible views, and sunsets arrive earlier to dazzle and provide us with postcard-worthy photographs.

Christmas Markets, Fairs, and Christmas Experiences in Ibiza.

During this time of the year, Ibiza is adorned with unique Christmas markets that highlight the essence of the island. These markets sell Christmas decorations, handmade gifts, and Ibiza souvenirs that cannot be found anywhere else.

One of the most well-known is the Christmas Market at Las Dalias, which is open from December 14th to January 5th and is known for its hippie theme throughout the year. Another notable market is the Vara de Rey Market in Ibiza City, an ideal place to get gifts, food, drinks, and typical island wine. These elements are essential to feel the magic of Christmas with the touch of Ibiza tradition.

For the young and not-so-young, a Christmas amusement fair is set up with lots of fun from November 24th to mid-January, featuring roller coasters, inflatable mattresses, trampolines, gambling games, and bumper cars. Here, the churro stand is a must, opening early so visitors can taste a portion of chocolate with churros, a tradition on the island.

Ibiza's Cuisine.

Ibiza's cuisine is famous for its unique and tasty recipes, combining fresh local ingredients with Mediterranean influences. The dishes range from seafood specialties to traditional Ibiza cuisine, such as "sofrit pagès" and "caldereta de langosta" (lobster stew). Many recipes also use local spices such as oregano, rosemary, and thyme, adding a distinctive flavor.

For dessert, it is customary to eat Salsa de Nadal, a traditional Christmas dish that each family has preserved from generation to generation without an exact recipe. It is a more or less thick sauce, depending on the preparation method, made with chicken broth, almonds, eggs, cinnamon, saffron, and sugar, each family making it to their own taste and passing down the information from their ancestors.

During Christmas and New Year, typical sweet dishes include Flaó and Greixonera. Flaó is a sweet made with goat or sheep cheese and mint, while Greixonera is a pudding-like cake made with enchiladas. Traditional Ibiza liqueurs such as hierbas ibicencas and frigola cannot be forgotten to accompany the dinner.

Eating or dining in Ibiza, especially during this Christmas season, is an experience you shouldn't miss, as the island offers various culinary delights for all tastes.

Plans in Ibiza during Christmas and New Year.

To spend the Christmas holidays in the Ibiza way, Ibiza offers many options. For example, going to the beach or the mountains for a picnic, spending the afternoon in one of the longstanding bars with a beer, hiking or cycling routes, watching the sunset at one of the many viewpoints, enjoying carols with friends and family in one of the villages of Ibiza, and/or experiencing some of the nightclubs that stay open until dawn on important dates.

Each town has its own events to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. For example, on December 31st, the Pujada a la Catedral is a famous race that starts from the port and goes to the cathedral. Entire families running through the walled city with costumes, music, and people of all ages make the last day of the year a bit more special. In the evening, and to close the year, it is also widespread for locals to go to Pacha to celebrate New Year's Eve.

This nightclub is famous for its massive New Year's Eve parties and is an ideal place to start the year with techno music. On the other hand, Atzaró, a natural oasis with a wide variety of Ibiza cuisine, also offers an evening with live music, perfect for those who wish to end the year more quietly.

Finally, on January 1st, the traditional first swim outing. Many people gather on Ses Salines beach to start the new year, ready to plunge into the cold water. People take turns entering the water at twelve, one, and two in the afternoon to welcome everything that is to come with adventure and joy. A highly recommended plan, whether with friends, family, or even children.

How Dipesa Group's Private Transportation Can Enhance My Christmas Visit to Ibiza.

Dipesa Group's private transportation offers an efficient and comfortable way to get around Ibiza. Whether you want to enjoy all the island's Christmas events, organize visits to natural environments, or simply savor Ibiza's gastronomy and culture, our chauffeur-driven transfer service is a way to make the most of every minute.
Our fleet provides different options for high-end vehicles. Whether for families, groups, couples, or friends, we offer a service whose primary goal is for no one to worry about schedule limitations or the hassle of driving and parking. At Dipesa Group, we have a team available to schedule the route according to our client's convenience and, of course, subject to any changes that may arise.

During Christmas, there is nothing more important than enjoying life and its opportunities, and at Dipesa Group, we are at your service whenever you need it.


Sport in Ibiza 2024

Sport in Ibiza 2024: Paradise for Athletes and Excellence in Private Transport

Ibiza is not only about nightlife and beautiful beaches; it is also a year-round sports destination. Its open-air routes, spaces equipped for different disciplines, and good weather mean that more and more people from all over the world choose the island to relax and participate in exciting sporting events.

At Dipesa Group, we participate as allies and collaborators with our private transportation services in many of these events because we believe in the power of sport to promote a healthy lifestyle and foster values ​​in our society. We know that the lessons learned in sports positively impact both a personal and professional level. That is why we are committed to supporting all sporting activities that involve our beloved island, our home.

The passion for sport in Ibiza: Sports events in 2024.

Throughout the year, Ibiza hosts a series of sporting competitions that attract athletes worldwide. In 2024, 15,000 athletes will travel to the island to participate in these events. We list some of them, and we are proud to say that we are the most requested company for private transfers made by attendees. 


10K Ibiza-platja d'en bossa

The Ibiza-Platja d'en Bossa 10K is a recognized race on the World Athletics calendar, attracting participants worldwide. The January 28, 2024 circuit stands out for its speed, with 10 kilometers of wide and long straights offering impressive sea views and passing through tourist places such as Platja d'en Bossa and the Ses Salines natural park.

More information at www.10kibiza.com


La vuelta Ibiza MTB

La Vuelta a Ibiza MTB is a sporting event held on March 29, 30 and 31. Celebrating its twenty-third edition, this event offers a unique experience to discover Ibiza while practicing sports. Participants can enjoy challenging trails, spectacular views, exciting trials, and difficult climbs. The competition is in pairs, making it an ideal experience to share with friends or family. Although the route is challenging, all participants finish with a smile of satisfaction. The Tour of Ibiza on MTB Scott by Shimano is an experience you cannot miss if you are a mountain bike lover.

More information at www.ibizabtt.com

La Ruta de la sal Regatta

For navigation lovers, the Salt Route is an essential event. This regatta is in its XXXV edition and plans to depart on April 6 from Barcelona and end on April 8 on the paradisiacal island of Ibiza during Holy Week.

More information at www.larutadelasal.com 

Santa Eulària Marathon

The Santa Eulària Marathon, which will be held on April 13, 2024, is one of the most notable sporting events on the island. Athletes from over 50 countries tour the island's beautiful coast on different routes. The organization offers 42km, 22 km, and 12km. Under the motto #RunAndFeel, this event has arrived for some years to mark a before and after within the most notable European marathons.

More information at www.ibizamarathon.com

Formentera Half Marathon

The Formentera ½ Marathon is a beautiful challenge for May 11, 2024. It allows you to explore the island from end to end, starting from the impressive cliff of Faro de la Mola, passing through the main towns such as Pilar de la It's cool, it's Caló de Sant Agustí, Sant Ferran de Ses Roques and it's Pujols, until reaching the finish line located in Puerto de La Savina. However, suppose you prefer an alternative more in line with your abilities. In that case, the 8 KM race allows you to discover the island starting from Sant Ferran de Ses Roques, passing through Es Pujols, and arriving at the Port of La Savina. The route is entirely flat and very comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the unique experience of running in Formentera.

More information at www.marato-formentera.com 

PTO Professional Triathletes Organization

On September 28 and 29, 2024, it will mark an epic Triathlon weekend in Ibiza: it will be the only test held in Spain of the PTO Professional Triathletes Organization circuit, an event with significant media impact in our country. Ibiza will become the epicenter of world triathlon thanks to this PTO competition, which returns to the island after the success of 2023, attracting the best runners in the world and offering the possibility of competing in age groups.

More information at www.protriathletes.org

Quality private transportation with Dipesa Group

Regarding private transportation in Ibiza, Dipesa Group is the preferred option for local residents and visitors, athletes and tourists who enjoy our home. With a fleet of modern, high-end vehicles equipped with telematics and a team of professional drivers, Dipesa Group has earned the trust of its clients for its reliable and efficient service.

Transportation services for sporting events

At Dipesa Group, we offer private transportation services for all sporting events in Ibiza, regardless of the size, team, or group attending. Our fleet of minibusses, buses, and luxury cars are tailored to the needs of our clients.

Whether you need transportation for the Santa Eulària Marathon, the Salt Route, the Vuelta an Ibiza MTB, or the Ibiza Half Marathon, we at Dipesa Group have the private transportation solution for you.

Private transportation for excursions and tourism

In addition to transportation services for sporting events, at Dipesa Group, we take care of taking you to enjoy a few days of tranquility and enjoyment. Our Host Chauffeurs are the ideal company to discover the most remote places on the island and free you from any responsibility behind the wheel. With vehicles equipped with all the comforts, you can explore the beauty of Ibiza in total comfort and style.