Local Businesses with private transport

Ibiza told by locals: Route of local businesses that you can visit in private transport.

Since we were children, we have grown up surrounded by this island's natural beauty, which has instilled in us a deep love for its corners and its culture.

At DIPESA GROUP, each transfer we offer is not just a service but an opportunity to share with our clients the natural value of Ibiza, providing them with experiences that inspire respect and admiration for our land.

Therefore, we invite you to enjoy this unique route. A route that unites nature and tradition so that you can discover the most authentic part of our land and take with you the taste of having known the most beautiful and real part of our home: Ibiza.

Threads of the Earth: fashion for lovers of history and the significance of traditions.

We travel to the island's heart to discover the work of Sonia Ferrer, an Ibizan woman linked to the land and tradition of Ibiza since her ancestors. With her, we discovered her fashion brand Delbes.

From her workshop in the heart of Ibiza, Sonia always seeks coherence with her beliefs and her way of seeing life. Inspired by the Ibizan regional costume and country dance, this designer transforms all traditional elements into modern and timeless garments, combining various sources of inspiration and craftsmanship.

To know your brand is to instantly fall in love with fashion. It is letting yourself be carried away by the aesthetic, by the timeless. For the value of an inheritance that anyone gives off as they walk, even without knowing it.

As a family business at DIPESA GROUP, the connection with Ibizan traditions and culture is the thread of our history. Sharing Sonia's work is for us to enhance the pride of where we come from and the opportunity to give our clients a touch of who we really are.

Green and committed routes

Did you know that more than half of the island is forest? To give you an idea, we will tell you another way: Ibiza has an area of forests equivalent to more than 40,000 football fields. Forests are a valuable natural treasure that hides unique corners to get lost in.

Aware of this valuable heritage, Marc Torres and Donovan Cruces founded The Other Face, a company dedicated to hiking that promotes routes that respect the earth's ecosystem. Through the different experiences of The Other Face, you can immerse yourself in the greenest Ibiza and soak up our culture and history. They reflect the admiration we feel for each of our corners.

Furthermore, at DIPESA GROUP, we can arrange private transportation to the starting point of the route you choose to take. This is a simple and comfortable way to conserve the energy you will allocate to this adventure and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

Before continuing, it is important for us to remember this: any activity that you will carry out in the natural environment of Ibiza requires responsible and respectful behavior. Our territory is vulnerable and at risk, although this is not constantly discussed.

For this reason, and if you are interested in delving into our local terrestrial ecosystem's different challenges, we invite you to learn a little more with Clara Cano. She is the one who first-hand explains to us the importance of taking care of our forests, interesting facts, and a Mediterranean soil conservation project called Regenera Natura:

Flavors full of tradition

Let's imagine you are in Ibiza on Sunday. As it could not be otherwise, the journey is to the Sant Joan Market. This is an essential weekly event for many residents and visitors, featuring the crafts of Ibiza. Although we want to get lost in the different positions, today, we will stop at one in particular to meet Cristina. She is Raíces de Ibiza.

Cristina is one of those energetic women who instantly cast a spell on you. A pioneer cook and farmer on the island who worked hard to recover a native wheat seed: the Xeixa. Their passion for the land of Ibiza and vegan cuisine translates into endless products full of flavor and tradition. Raw vegan desserts, whole grain bread made in a wood oven, buckwheat muesli... honest cuisine from the heart.

To learn more about her proposals, we leave you this interview with her where she explains the love we share for our island:

Raíces de Ibiza is a local project, one of those that combines tradition and flavors of our land, but we must be honest: getting to your table includes a long journey and a few headaches to park, especially if it is summer. If you come to our island to enjoy, take advantage of the days, and feel free of ties and responsibilities, remember that at Dipesa Group, there will always be a private driver at your service.


At DIPESA GROUP, we want to share with the world the value of our home and its people. Ibiza is an island with historical tradition and deep-rooted culture—an intangible identity that we want to transcend and become more visible every day in each of our private transfer services.