Private transfer in Ibiza

Ibiza told by locals: get to know the authentic and traditional island through private transport.

Being a family business leaves a mark on how we communicate and transmit knowledge about the island to our clients. For us, sharing Ibiza in each private transfer is how we deliver to our clients the intangible heritage of this home that has inspired them for many years.

3 things you have to experience and know about Ibiza

Guided tour of Dalt Villa


When planning your visit to Ibiza, include Dalt Vila in your itinerary. This ancient walled city, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dates back to the 7th century BC and was initially built by the Phoenicians. You can explore the city's labyrinth of cobbled alleys, majestic Renaissance doors, and hidden treasures.

Dalt Vila offers seven bastions and scenic viewpoints that provide panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Experience the town's medieval charms by taking a tour with Ibiza Guides and our private transfer, which can take you to areas restricted to road traffic. You'll discover the town's secrets, from legends of little-known tunnels to culinary offerings in ancient buildings. This is why Dalt Vila is considered one of the best places in Ibiza.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in the town's rich history, mingle with locals, and admire the impressive landscapes. We guarantee you an enriching cultural experience.

Ball Pagés.

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Something that characterizes private transfers in Ibiza is that many want to go with the windows down. Sometimes, letting the Mediterranean air fill the environment is a way to connect with the earth. To know that there are plans in Ibiza that go beyond the usual photography.

Thus, in the middle of the journey, many of our clients ask us to follow the sound of the drums and flutes. The "Ball Pagès" is a tradition and part of our history that everyone who visits the island should know and enjoy.

This typical dance, of unknown origin, preserves its purity. The dancers follow the dancers, wearing wool and linen costumes loaded with handmade details and adorned with gold, silver, and coral jewelry, creating quite a spectacle.

The dance perfectly represents a courtship technique. The man calls the woman with a touch of castanets, and thus, the dance begins.

This spectacle is worth a stop or even a detour. Dipesa Group's private drivers will always be ready to accommodate our clients' wishes and share local experiences.


Salmorra in Sa Nansa.

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At Dipesa Group, we have countless stories to share from our 30 years of private transfer service. However, what amazes us the most is the commonality among our clients.

It might surprise some that we often receive messages from clients thanking us for recommending Sa Nansa restaurant. This is because each bite of the food prepared by Chef Pep Tur, who is part of the family that runs the restaurant, is a delicacy that embodies Ibizan tradition.

We proudly claim that Sa Nansa serves the best Fish Salmorra on the island of Ibiza. This iconic dish originated from the way fishermen cooked while out at sea. The recipe often uses fresh fish purchased directly from local fishermen, making it a seasonal dish that showcases the island's gastronomic heritage.

Check out this video if you want to learn more about the Fish Salmorra recipe and start drooling. It was created especially for our clients who have experienced our private transportation service with local experiences and dined at Sa Nansa. The food at this restaurant has become a cherished memory for many of our clients.


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Prepare to be amazed when you set foot on Ibiza's stunning shores. These recommendations are sure to add memorable moments to your experience. However, we recommend booking private transfers and making early reservations to choose the time and day that best suits your plans in Ibiza.

At Dipesa Group, we're here to improve your visit to Ibiza. We offer private transfer services for families, groups, and companies. Whatever your case, we aim to share the best of our home and our passion for serving the island.