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What is a working day like for a Dipesa Group driver?

Living the summer season, moving all kinds of people between different parts of Ibiza is a very effective way of getting to know the island and all its ins and outs. Ibiza is a seasonal destination, and our transport services have their peculiarities. And only those who are willing to live with involvement, enjoyment, and curiosity will know how to take advantage of it.

This article is for those willing to serve and offer the best of themselves to others. For those who drive responsibly, that kindness is their language of communication. This is an article for those who want to be part of our Dipesa Group family and are in our selection process.

Discover here what the life of a Dipesa Group driver consists of.

The work of a Dipesa Group driver begins the day before making your transfers. Through the corporate mobile app, you must consult each of the services to be carried out the following day (normally, they range between 5 and 10). In this way, you can anticipate any unforeseen event with the agreed times, the location of the collections, the assigned vehicle, etc

Knowing the schedule of the first transfer, the driver must take into account the time necessary to reach our facilities, pick up his awarded vehicle and reach the origin of his first service. This can be a hotel, a villa, a ship, or the airport.

There is no stipulated minimum advance time to arrive at our facilities before the first service is performed, but arriving late to pick up a client or not being strictly punctual is a luxury that we cannot afford. It is always better to go early to avoid unforeseen events.

Before driving to any destination, the first step is to perform a breathalyzer test. It is the only way that the vehicle key assigned to them can be released, and it is a requirement for all DIPESA GROUP drivers. We are proud to say that we are the only transport company in Spain with this innovative system we implemented in 2014.

Once the key is released, the driver must go to the assigned vehicle. Before starting the journey, he must check that everything is in perfect condition. The car must be clean and refueled from the day before, but the driver will regularly check oil levels, tire pressure, cleanliness, etc.

As the work day progresses, the driver must report on time according to the expected pick-up times at each location. The corporate mobile app will be your work tool. Communication with the offices will always be available for logistical support and last-minute unforeseen solutions.

The time between each of the services can be managed by each driver as he considers the important thing, after all, to comply with punctuality in each of the services assigned to the driver.

At the end of the day, each driver must go to our facilities to refuel the vehicle and return it in perfect condition. In this way, the next partner will also be able to perform a service in optimal conditions.

The job of a driver at Dipesa Group may seem simple, but the driver's way of playing plays a crucial role in each journey. Dipesa Group is a family business with more than 30 years of experience. We are characterized by our dedication to service, discretion, and professionalism as differentiating elements.

Achieving this quality standard is a task that requires, in many cases, patience and empathy, and this is the reason why we have a rigorous selection system and offer our drivers training and advice before the start of the season.

Last but not least, we must highlight that the job of a driver in Ibiza goes at the same pace as the summer season on the island, which is experienced differently.

This beautiful job offers the possibility of being part of a long-term work team, which introduces you to the idiosyncrasies of different nationalities and cultures and provides the best views and enjoyment of a unique natural paradise. But we are not going to hide that it is well paid because it is a job that requires involvement and time availability.

The schedules are not always easy to reconcile with our moments of leisure, the days of the pressing sun can be long, and although the driving times are short, with the months, the fatigue or the stress of the road can take its toll on our kindness, sympathy or mood.

The honesty with which we refer to our jobs may sound atypical. Still, at DIPESA GROUP, we are known for being transparent with our employees and offering them the best conditions within our means. That is why so many of us have carried the brand on our chest for years, and many have even been passed down from generation to generation by this company.

For those who, even with the bad and the good, feel attracted to be part of this experience, at DIPESA GROUP, we are always looking for new profiles. So we invite you to fill out the form and tell us the best of you. 

THANK YOU for your interest and for reading this far!


Corporate Transportation

Private transportation for companies and professionals in Ibiza

It is no secret that the world has fewer borders every day, and that has made it easier for us to work as a team with people all over the world. This idyllic arrangement, with all its comforts, is also the main motive why many companies and executive teams choose to organize yearly gatherings.

Whether it is for work meetings, bonding sessions, conferences or workshops, bringing together a large group of professionals in a single place requires making vitally important arrangements.

Dispesa Group. Transportation for companies and professionals in Ibiza.

In Dipesa Group, we have reached over 25 years offering private transportation services for professionals, individuals and large teams, paying great attention to detail and the needs of our clients. Our services have been hired by more that 500 companies, both national and global, such as Mercedes Benz, Mango, Audi, Nike, Orange, Sony, Siemens, Vodafone, KPM, among others.

Together, we have traveled over 1,000,000 kilometers on our island, and our corporate services represent the second largest business unit in our company, after tourism services.

The advantages of hiring Dispesa Group for team transportation in Ibiza

Ibiza is an incredible destination to work in. Not only for the beauty of its landscapes, but because it offers all possible comforts.

In winter, it is characterized by its natural environment, excellent temperatures and the possibility of enjoying the simple things in life; in the summer, by the distinctive bustle of this period, with all of its great luxuries and experiences.

But since we know the destination is not everything when the goal is to work, we share the 3 greatest advantages of having private transportation in Ibiza:

1. Punctuality

Making sure that all team members arrive on time is the basic premise for a fruitful day of work. We are aware of this, which is why we have at your disposal a fleet of mini buses, buses and private cars to secure all necessary transportation.

2. Time optimization

Working on the road, discussing progress and responding to unforeseen events, is only possible when you have a responsible and discreet driver on the wheel. For this reason, we have an excellent process for selecting and training our drivers, with a full-time team that is an integral part of our Dispesa family.

3. Contingency management

It is normal in this sort of work environment for plans and agendas to suffer changes. That is why at Dispesa Group we have a team that is always ready and willing to solve problems that come up and take charge of uncomfortable and untimely eventualities for our clients.

A private transportation service is the best option to benefit from an intense and successful day of work, and at Dispesa Group we are committed to offer the best transport experience in our home, Ibiza.

Tips from an experienced chauffeur: How to hire a transportation service for your wedding.

No one has the slightest doubt that getting married in Ibiza is to have a dream wedding. We know because we are Ibicencos and have taken generations of families to the altar. Generations of residents and locals, as tourists, fall in love with the island and want to share it with their loved ones. 

Celebrating a wedding in Ibiza will always be wise. The excellent weather accompanies us, the diversity of locations, and the island's reputation always has something to offer to all personalities. But the truth is that the arrangements require a lot of details, and transportation can be an essential management point. 

The transportation of guests and bride and groom involves details that most of them go unnoticed. That's why we turned to our specialists, experienced private chauffeurs, and asked them for a list of tips we shared with you today. 

Tips for your wedding transportation.

1. Cristina's advice:

Once you book your wedding venue, agree on the logistics of private transportation. 

In Ibiza, there are many places to make beautiful celebrations. Still, once the decision is made, it is essential to consider what type of transport access is adapted for. 

It is not the same to transport groups in buses or mini-buses on ample avenues as in private cars on dirt roads. This, in most cases, is not a personal choice but a demand of the location. 

Therefore, we at DIPESA GROUP recommend informing yourself in advance and making the right decision. We know every hidden spot on the island, so we offer a private wedding transportation service adapted to each client and without inconveniences.

2. Josep's advice:

If you are getting married from May to October, make your reservation months in advance.

If your idea is to celebrate the wedding between May and October, private transportation services in Ibiza will be in high demand. It is the high season, so it is advisable to make the reservation enough months in advance. 

Leaving this vital step to the last minute only brings headaches.

3. Aníbal's advice:

When transporting guests, always count a few extra people.

The bride and groom are expected to agree on how the guests will be transported to their wedding. The usual thing is to make a list of the people who will use it to hire the services adjusted to the demand. 

Here is the tip: It is convenient to leave some additional seats. In case unforeseen events arise or some guests change their way of returning home to enjoy the party.

We have seen at every wedding how our private transportation service has moved more than one happy soul to a safe place we did not count on (Just because we were foresighted).


We know that a wedding takes time and dedication. The transfer is just one edge of the thousands of things that give excitement in the process. That's why at DIPESA GROUP we work with specialist partners in the area and offer a tailored service so that everyone involved can say goodbye to worries and hello to a beautiful experience. 

Congratulations! When are you getting married?

Dipesa Goup

The advantages and comforts of chauffeur transfers for events and celebrations

We who live in Ibiza know that, upon summer’s end, our lives return to a tranquil routine, and days become more calm. However, many get the wrong idea. Things may be calmer in summer, but there is always much to celebrate on this island.

We have dinners and parties to celebrate the end of the season, the arrival of Christmas, New Year’s eve, important anniversaries, sporting events… and we could go on and on.

It is important to prepare for such occasions because being organized guarantees a good experience. That is why, at DIPESA GROUP, we want to let you know about a simple solution for your travels on the island.

Using a professional transportation service always eliminates risks, such as losing your way, choosing a less-than-ideal route, or simply arriving late. It also helps you enjoy the moment to the maximum. Nothing beats celebrating when your only duty is having a good time!

Advantages of traveling with a private chauffeur, for groups and events in Ibiza

1. Organization

One of the advantages of having a private chauffeur service is that it ensures you will arrive at the event on time. It also removes the need to find parking in the area, which is often difficult in Ibiza.

In DIPESA GROUP, we make sure to keep good track of the needs of our clients, so they can confidently let themselves go and enjoy their events, knowing they are in good hands.

2. Customization and convenience

When organizing a trip for a group or a company, adding a personal touch is always a great value-add. At DIPESA GROUP, we know how to cater to the creative needs of our clients, and we join your efforts to create a unique experience. Whether it's showing the logo of your company on the vehicle, offering a gift to the passengers, or simply choosing music for the trip. It is all part of the customization we offer on each service.

3. Safety

One of the concerns when we want to enjoy a big party is who will be responsible for the drive back. Hiring a private transportation service is a good idea when we want all our guests to feel safe so they can fully enjoy themselves.

In DIPESA GROUP, we have an excellent roster of chauffeurs, who, as good professionals, know every corner of Ibiza. Their only goal when driving you is to offer their passion for service on every trip.


If your celebration in Ibiza involves groups, large or small, these are the most relevant advantages provided by our chauffeur transportation service. If you want more information, you can simply get in touch with one of our representatives, who will do their best to help you and make you feel at home. In the end, we have something in common with you: a passion for Ibiza, and for enjoying its full potential.

EQS for private transfer, DIPESA GROUPin Ibiza

The advantages of hiring a private transfer on an electric car in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe during the summer season, and not just owing to the beauty of its beaches and the most iconic parties on the planet. Our special combination of cosmopolitan and rural makes the air you breathe here something inexplicably magical.

People from all over the world come to our island and, although traveling Ibiza from one side to another can be done easily and in only 45 km, there are thousands of details and tips that only a local guide can share with you.

That is why, at Dipesa Group we distinguish ourselves for providing private transfers with a chauffeur host, who provides personalized attention adjusted to the needs of each of our clients, always highlighting that our land is the reason that unites us.

Why choose a private transfer on an electric car in Ibiza?

It is not a secret that the transportation sector is one of the greatest emitters of greenhouse gasses. In Spain it is the largest. For this reason, more than eight years ago we took the decision to do everything possible to make Dipesa Group a self-sufficient company and therefore reduce our carbon footprint to the minimum. All this, without forgetting that we must maintain our quality standards and customer support.

For this reason, we are going to share with you the three most important advantages of hiring a private transfer on an electric car in Ibiza:

Zero emissions on every trip

Electric cars do not emit greenhouse gasses when running, so if you are one of those people who like enjoying the fullness of life and understand, like us, that taking care of our land is fundamental, this is an advantage to keep in mind.

Furthermore, in the case of our company, the entire fleet of electric cars is charged on our premises, where 65% of the electricity is generated by solar panels which we installed in 2016 on the rooftops of our headquarters.

Elegance, excellence and comfort

The design of electric cars has forged an identity. Even when traveling the same routes, you will experience them differently depending on the car you travel in. The Mercedes Benz EQS and the Tesla Model X are made for trips where comfort, discretion and enjoyment of the ride are indispensable.

You may still feel that vibration and noise are normal, or that the feeling of gears shifting up and down is unavoidable, but once you enter an electric car in Dipesa Group’s fleet, driven by our professionals, you will understand that there is no comparison.

Dipesa ibiza transfer.privado


Being high-end vehicles, they have all kinds of features to prevent accidents and protect passengers should one occur. In Ibiza, especially during the summer season, one must be cautious when driving and it never hurts to consider safety as an important advantage.

Likewise, our drivers are professionals with years of service and experience, capable of confronting and reacting to any danger. Furthermore, since 2014 our company has implemented an alcohol control test. This way, to obtain the keys to a car, the driver must show a negative result.

In Dipesa Group, our passion is to serve our Island and, like a good Ibizan family, we take care of our land and our guests from the very first minute we receive them, to the tune of a Bon Dia!

Where do you want to go? We’ll take you.