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What is a working day like for a Dipesa Group driver?

Living the summer season, moving all kinds of people between different parts of Ibiza is a very effective way of getting to know the island and all its ins and outs. Ibiza is a seasonal destination, and our transport services have their peculiarities. And only those who are willing to live with involvement, enjoyment, and curiosity will know how to take advantage of it.

This article is for those willing to serve and offer the best of themselves to others. For those who drive responsibly, that kindness is their language of communication. This is an article for those who want to be part of our Dipesa Group family and are in our selection process.

Discover here what the life of a Dipesa Group driver consists of.

The work of a Dipesa Group driver begins the day before making your transfers. Through the corporate mobile app, you must consult each of the services to be carried out the following day (normally, they range between 5 and 10). In this way, you can anticipate any unforeseen event with the agreed times, the location of the collections, the assigned vehicle, etc

Knowing the schedule of the first transfer, the driver must take into account the time necessary to reach our facilities, pick up his awarded vehicle and reach the origin of his first service. This can be a hotel, a villa, a ship, or the airport.

There is no stipulated minimum advance time to arrive at our facilities before the first service is performed, but arriving late to pick up a client or not being strictly punctual is a luxury that we cannot afford. It is always better to go early to avoid unforeseen events.

Before driving to any destination, the first step is to perform a breathalyzer test. It is the only way that the vehicle key assigned to them can be released, and it is a requirement for all DIPESA GROUP drivers. We are proud to say that we are the only transport company in Spain with this innovative system we implemented in 2014.

Once the key is released, the driver must go to the assigned vehicle. Before starting the journey, he must check that everything is in perfect condition. The car must be clean and refueled from the day before, but the driver will regularly check oil levels, tire pressure, cleanliness, etc.

As the work day progresses, the driver must report on time according to the expected pick-up times at each location. The corporate mobile app will be your work tool. Communication with the offices will always be available for logistical support and last-minute unforeseen solutions.

The time between each of the services can be managed by each driver as he considers the important thing, after all, to comply with punctuality in each of the services assigned to the driver.

At the end of the day, each driver must go to our facilities to refuel the vehicle and return it in perfect condition. In this way, the next partner will also be able to perform a service in optimal conditions.

The job of a driver at Dipesa Group may seem simple, but the driver's way of playing plays a crucial role in each journey. Dipesa Group is a family business with more than 30 years of experience. We are characterized by our dedication to service, discretion, and professionalism as differentiating elements.

Achieving this quality standard is a task that requires, in many cases, patience and empathy, and this is the reason why we have a rigorous selection system and offer our drivers training and advice before the start of the season.

Last but not least, we must highlight that the job of a driver in Ibiza goes at the same pace as the summer season on the island, which is experienced differently.

This beautiful job offers the possibility of being part of a long-term work team, which introduces you to the idiosyncrasies of different nationalities and cultures and provides the best views and enjoyment of a unique natural paradise. But we are not going to hide that it is well paid because it is a job that requires involvement and time availability.

The schedules are not always easy to reconcile with our moments of leisure, the days of the pressing sun can be long, and although the driving times are short, with the months, the fatigue or the stress of the road can take its toll on our kindness, sympathy or mood.

The honesty with which we refer to our jobs may sound atypical. Still, at DIPESA GROUP, we are known for being transparent with our employees and offering them the best conditions within our means. That is why so many of us have carried the brand on our chest for years, and many have even been passed down from generation to generation by this company.

For those who, even with the bad and the good, feel attracted to be part of this experience, at DIPESA GROUP, we are always looking for new profiles. So we invite you to fill out the form and tell us the best of you. 

THANK YOU for your interest and for reading this far!