Restaurantes en Ibiza

The Dipesa Group guide to the best restaurants in Ibiza

What is it about Ibiza that always manages to bring us together with our loved ones for unforgettable moments at the table?

Our land is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe. Thousands of visitors arrive every year to enjoy its views, the smell of salt, the tastes of the Mediterranean and the night life. For some time, gastronomy has been finding in this island a place to shine, adding gastronomic tourism to the list of reasons to visit this beautiful island. Here you will find, not only the traditional flavors of Ibiza and Mediterranean cuisine, but also exquisite and innovative dishes.

8 exquisite restaurants to visit in Ibiza

Es Torrent

We cite this restaurant first because it is one of the most exclusive fish restaurants in the city, in a remote cove on the Bay of Porroig.

The menu includes starters such as “espardenyes” (sea cucumbers), sautéed squids and Galician-style octopus. Among the main dishes, you will be able to taste fish salmorra with a side of “a banda” rice, or the classical bullit de peix. The wine selection is vast and highly recommended for discerning tastes. This establishment enchants and delights all who visit.

Getting there requires a long trip, but it’s worth every minute. We recommend reserving your transportation in advance. During the summer, taxis in this area are scarce and relying on them can be a game of chance.

During your vacations, it's important to get the best out of every moment, and to this end, Dipesa Group is an ideal partner.

Camí de Balàfia

If you seek to value the simple things in life, we invite you to discover this restaurant. Here, the treasure is in the authentic taste of what is grown in our own lands, and the knowledge that every plate arriving at your table is infused with the sense of Ibizan family and decades of work.

We bring many of our clients to Balàfia, celebrities from around the world accustomed to luxury and fine dining, and not a single one has left the restaurant without feeling enchanted by the personal touch of Lina and her team, with a smile of total happiness. We bring them here because for Dipesa Group each trip is an opportunity to share with our clients the true essence of our land.

In Balàfia you can enjoy the best tomato and onion salad in the island, which you can follow with a choice among diverse cuts of meat (lamb leg or shoulder, pork cutlets, rabbit, pasture-raised chicken breast or thighs, beef tenderloin and entrecôte) with a side of exquisite french fries. All is grilled on a terrace surrounded by orange trees, perfect to recover from long stays on the beach.

S'Illa des Bosc

Few terraces in Ibiza have such spectacular views. Placed in the center of Platges de Comte, it offers a broad panoramic view of the Ses Bledes Islets, S’Espartar and S’Illa des Bosc. The sights will create a lifelong memory for you, regardless of the hour of your visit.

Its gastronomic offer is as distinctive as it is creative. We can highlight the Andalusian-style squids with chickpea flour, which are paired with parsley mayonnaise. Other spectacular options are the gazpacho, the “escalivada” with goat cheese, or the foie mi-cuit with pistachio powder, apple puree and apple dice. The rices are syrupy and potent. The desserts are elaborate and delicious.

It is important to note that this restaurant is on one of the most crowded beaches in Ibiza during the summer. The parking area is limited and taxis are not always available, either due to traffic or demand. The most advisable solution is to hire a transportation service beforehand, whether it is for a group or for individuals. This decision will allow you to experience the moment in freedom and absolute enjoyment.

Es Boldadó

The terrace and dining room of Es Boldadó are simply spectacular. It is located above the cliff of Cala d’Hort, facing the islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell, making it a unique lookout point to watch the sunset. That is why our first recommendation is to make a reservation beforehand and request a table by the windows.

On the menu you can enjoy typical Ibizan marine starters: Steamed mussels, espardenyes (sea cucumbers) with garlic, sautéed squids, red shrimps grilled or with garlic. For the main dish, we cannot forget their great specialties: lobster stew, grilled fish, bullit de peix with “a banda” rice, guisat de peix, fish salmorra (a local recipe) wish with “a banda” rice, and Ibizan sucking pig.

Es Boldadó is one of those establishments that never goes without notice and, just like many others, arriving there can be a hassle. It’s in a rather crowded area with little parking, difficult to navigate on foot. And on peak hours getting a cab is nearly impossible. Reserving your trips in advance with a responsible company that is able to respond to unforeseen circumstances can be the key to fully enjoying the moment.


Oleoteca Ses Escoles

The Oleoteca Ses Escoles is a business where you can breathe the essence of Ibiza. Here, in addition to tasting a fabulous meal, you can browse its little shop of local products and buy souvenirs such as oils, wines, chocolates, jams, salt, liquors, perfumes, books, typical baskets and other handmade products from the Pitiüses. 

The establishment is located on the road from Santa Eulària to Sant Joan, in the old school of San Lorenzo, hence its name. The building is part of the facilities of the oil mill Miquel Guasch, one of the main producers of extra virgin olive oil on the island. The decoration is a dream, the areas are spacious and tastefully decorated. 

They offer a selection of flavors and typical recipes, with which they pay tribute to the Ibizan countryside, but always incorporating a creative touch. The menu is designed for all budgets, and although everything is very good, making it difficult to decide, we recommend ordering the ‘coca’ in one of its variants, such as eggplant and caramelized onion, trempó or sobrasada and mozzarella. The menu also includes a selection of grilled meats, with an excellent prime steak. Always ask for the suggestions of the day. 

Ses Escoles is a must for those who want to get to know the local Ibiza. Although the journey to get there is not difficult, it is a place you will want to visit without pressure and willing to let go of all responsibilities, something that our drivers understand and know how to manage perfectly in every private trip.

El Bigotes

This beach bar is one of the most picturesque, authentic and indispensable on the island. 

Do not expect a luxurious place, but one filled with history. It all began with its creator, Juan Ferrer, preparing a bullit de peix from time to time for his friends, using whatever he had just caught in his llaüt. Without expecting it, those small gatherings started growing crowded and so, for a small price, everyone has been able to enjoy an authentic fisherman's meal here for the last forty years. 

El Bigotes is a rustic shelter next to the shore of Cala Mastella, where they still cook with firewood and only two dishes can be tasted: At 12 noon, portions of fresh grilled fish and mixed salad, and at 2 pm bullit de peix with “a banda” rice.

The environment, the warmth of its cooks and the freshness of the products you are tasting, invite you to understand the beauty of the simple. Although getting here requires a long journey, with a dirt road entrance that is not in the best conditions, in Dipesa Group we always recommend it and bring those who ask us, because the experience is worth the trip.

Sa Nansa

Sa Nansa is considered one of the most relevant fish restaurants on the island. In 2015 it was chosen as one of the 100 best restaurants in Spain in the gastronomic contest Madrid Fusión, and it always appears among the best rated restaurants in Ibiza on Tripadvisor.

Although they have a selection for the carnivorous, you really want to come here to eat fish. Among their fixed starters are marinated salmon, red tuna marinated in lemon, grilled red shrimp, sautéed squid or vegetable and shrimp tempura. If the suggestions of the day include fish roe, be sure to ask for it. 

Then, for the main dish, bullit de peix with “a banda” rice or fideuá, fish and seafood paella, brothy fisherman’s style rice, paella “de ciego”, grilled fish (with or without seafood), “borrida” (ray fish stew) and Sa Nansa style cod. We assure you that, regardless of what you order, it will be a feast. 

This restaurant is very close to the Paseo Marítimo de Eivissa and the Pachá Hotel. It is very easy to get in and out, so it can be perfect to combine with your visit to the city of Ibiza when you schedule your private transport service. You can even visit upon arrival at the airport or right before leaving.

Sa Caleta

Arriving at the small beach of Es Bol Nou and finding a wooden shelter with an authentic seaside atmosphere, in contrast with a terrace open to the beach and a beautiful garden set among pine trees, is already reason to smile. 

Sa Caleta is a unique place with a very broad menu. It has starters such as espardenyes (sea cucumbers), fried Ibizan fish or grilled sardines. To continue, you can order the tasty grilled seafood, a bullit de peix, a lobster or stew, or a grouper stew. To top off the feast, it is essential to try the Café Caleta, a variant of the Galician “queimada”, invented in Ibiza half a century ago. 

This restaurant can be reached from the airport, following the road that runs along the coast of Sant Josep. This is the reason many of our clients ask us for private transfers here, just after getting off the plane and before arriving at their place of accommodation. 

Vacations are days for enjoyment and freedom, let us at Dipesa Group take care of your arrivals and departures, so you can experience the essence of Ibiza. 

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Visiting Ibiza is synonymous with pleasure, and these establishments will add special moments to your experience. But just as we recommend you to book your private trips in advance, we also advise you to make reservations at each restaurant so you can choose the time and place you like the most. In summer there are usually a lot of people on the island, and the best places can be full for weeks. 

Dipesa Group will be happy to accompany you and offer you our transportation services for families, groups and individuals. Whatever your case may be, our goal is to share with you the best of our home and our passion for serving in Ibiza.