Corporate events

Private transportation for companies and professionals in Ibiza

It is no secret that the world has fewer borders every day, and that has made it easier for us to work as a team with people all over the world. This idyllic arrangement, with all its comforts, is also the main motive why many companies and executive teams choose to organize yearly gatherings.

Whether it is for work meetings, bonding sessions, conferences or workshops, bringing together a large group of professionals in a single place requires making vitally important arrangements.

Dispesa Group. Transportation for companies and professionals in Ibiza.

In Dipesa Group, we have reached over 25 years offering private transportation services for professionals, individuals and large teams, paying great attention to detail and the needs of our clients. Our services have been hired by more that 500 companies, both national and global, such as Mercedes Benz, Mango, Audi, Nike, Orange, Sony, Siemens, Vodafone, KPM, among others.

Together, we have traveled over 1,000,000 kilometers on our island, and our corporate services represent the second largest business unit in our company, after tourism services.

The advantages of hiring Dispesa Group for team transportation in Ibiza

Ibiza is an incredible destination to work in. Not only for the beauty of its landscapes, but because it offers all possible comforts.

In winter, it is characterized by its natural environment, excellent temperatures and the possibility of enjoying the simple things in life; in the summer, by the distinctive bustle of this period, with all of its great luxuries and experiences.

But since we know the destination is not everything when the goal is to work, we share the 3 greatest advantages of having private transportation in Ibiza:

1. Punctuality

Making sure that all team members arrive on time is the basic premise for a fruitful day of work. We are aware of this, which is why we have at your disposal a fleet of mini buses, buses and private cars to secure all necessary transportation.

2. Time optimization

Working on the road, discussing progress and responding to unforeseen events, is only possible when you have a responsible and discreet driver on the wheel. For this reason, we have an excellent process for selecting and training our drivers, with a full-time team that is an integral part of our Dispesa family.

3. Contingency management

It is normal in this sort of work environment for plans and agendas to suffer changes. That is why at Dispesa Group we have a team that is always ready and willing to solve problems that come up and take charge of uncomfortable and untimely eventualities for our clients.

A private transportation service is the best option to benefit from an intense and successful day of work, and at Dispesa Group we are committed to offer the best transport experience in our home, Ibiza.