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The advantages of hiring a private transfer on an electric car in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe during the summer season, and not just owing to the beauty of its beaches and the most iconic parties on the planet. Our special combination of cosmopolitan and rural makes the air you breathe here something inexplicably magical.

People from all over the world come to our island and, although traveling Ibiza from one side to another can be done easily and in only 45 km, there are thousands of details and tips that only a local guide can share with you.

That is why, at Dipesa Group we distinguish ourselves for providing private transfers with a chauffeur host, who provides personalized attention adjusted to the needs of each of our clients, always highlighting that our land is the reason that unites us.

Why choose a private transfer on an electric car in Ibiza?

It is not a secret that the transportation sector is one of the greatest emitters of greenhouse gasses. In Spain it is the largest. For this reason, more than eight years ago we took the decision to do everything possible to make Dipesa Group a self-sufficient company and therefore reduce our carbon footprint to the minimum. All this, without forgetting that we must maintain our quality standards and customer support.

For this reason, we are going to share with you the three most important advantages of hiring a private transfer on an electric car in Ibiza:

Zero emissions on every trip

Electric cars do not emit greenhouse gasses when running, so if you are one of those people who like enjoying the fullness of life and understand, like us, that taking care of our land is fundamental, this is an advantage to keep in mind.

Furthermore, in the case of our company, the entire fleet of electric cars is charged on our premises, where 65% of the electricity is generated by solar panels which we installed in 2016 on the rooftops of our headquarters.

Elegance, excellence and comfort

The design of electric cars has forged an identity. Even when traveling the same routes, you will experience them differently depending on the car you travel in. The Mercedes Benz EQS and the Tesla Model X are made for trips where comfort, discretion and enjoyment of the ride are indispensable.

You may still feel that vibration and noise are normal, or that the feeling of gears shifting up and down is unavoidable, but once you enter an electric car in Dipesa Group’s fleet, driven by our professionals, you will understand that there is no comparison.

Dipesa ibiza transfer.privado


Being high-end vehicles, they have all kinds of features to prevent accidents and protect passengers should one occur. In Ibiza, especially during the summer season, one must be cautious when driving and it never hurts to consider safety as an important advantage.

Likewise, our drivers are professionals with years of service and experience, capable of confronting and reacting to any danger. Furthermore, since 2014 our company has implemented an alcohol control test. This way, to obtain the keys to a car, the driver must show a negative result.

In Dipesa Group, our passion is to serve our Island and, like a good Ibizan family, we take care of our land and our guests from the very first minute we receive them, to the tune of a Bon Dia!

Where do you want to go? We’ll take you.


Private chauffeur in Ibiza

3 places to reach with a private chauffeur in Ibiza, and make your trip to the island an unforgettable experience

Ibiza has a magical geography and, even though it’s a very small island, it has many places to experience. It is true that advertising and massification sometimes take everyone to the same places, but at Dispesa Group we make sure to provide the true experience of our island during every trip you take in Ibiza.

3 places to reach with a private chauffeur in Ibiza, and make your trip to the island an unforgettable experience

Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort


Photo: Xescu Prats

Sa Pedrera is part of the Cala d’Hort natural reserve. Its scenery has led many throughout history to associate it with magic and spirituality. Above all, due to its proximity to Es Vedrá.

In fact, hippies who arrived here in the late 60’s made this place one of their sanctuaries. This can be seen in the rock formations, where they sculpted fish, buddhas, peace symbols, flowers and a few other things.

This enclave used to be used for the extraction of marés (a type of sandstone), so, in this case, the shapes of the rocks are due to human action. However, further exploring this area will bring you to natural saltwater pools, flanked by tall cliff-like rock formations. The sight is as unusual as it is shocking.

To arrive, you must drive towards Cala d’Hort and take the detour you will find to your left. Official guide books don’t provide much information about this nudist cove, which is why we can say that transportation in Ibiza for such an occasion merits a private chauffeur who is not only familiar with the route, but can provide the best recommendations to enjoy this plan, which will surely extend to the whole day.

Cova des Culleram



Photo: Xescu Prats

Hidden between the mountains and the forest lies one of the most important archeological sites of Ibiza: Cova des Culleram.

Within it, we will be able to discover a sanctuary where the Phoenicians came to venerate and worship the goddess Tanit, the main Carthaginian deity associated with fertility, fortune and love, among other attributes.

The inside of the cave can be visited, as it is easy to access. So you get an idea, it is believed that this enclave served as a domestic refuge during prehistory. However, between the V and II century B.C., the Punics turned it into a place of worship, which was likely attended by believers from the entire island, who came to make offerings.

To arrive at this marvel, you must get into the municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja, a kilometer from the well-known Cala de Sant Vicent. A part of the trip will have to be on foot, and we assure you that it is worth it, because you will not only enjoy the most authentic aspect of Ibiza, but will also be left with the image of a lookout 200 meters (about 650 feet) above sea level. The views of the area from this vantage point are impressive.

After exploring the cave and visiting the lookout, there are various sites around the area that we wouldn’t want you to miss. If you please, you can hire a private transportation service and, with it, continue your route towards the settlement of Balàfia, one of the best examples of traditional architecture of the island, or get to know Cala Benirràs, where the festival of the drums is celebrated on summer Sundays. We assure you, this will be the kicker to mark an idyllic day!

The monument and gates of Cala Llentia



Between the beaches of Cala Codolar and Cala Llentia, there is a curious monument. It consists of two gates facing one another, symbolizing a small room. What is peculiar is that this room has no walls. The space is delimited only by some rocks that form a low wall and the floor, with ornamental designs.

The gates of Cala Llentía are a very pretty place for taking pictures and enjoying the cultural fusion of Ibiza. Through them, from the right angle, you can see Es Vedrá, without losing sight of the engravings and Arabic motifs of the gates, among which a jamsa, also known as “the hand of Fátima”, stands out. This is an element that the Muslim and Sephardic Jew cultures share in common.

Although the creator of the gates is unknown, a few meters from them lies a work of Andrew Rogers, commissioned by Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil, entitled Time and Space. It consists of 13 gigantic basalt monoliths. The largest, in the center of the monument, measures no less than 20 meters in height and has received at its peak a plating of 23 karat gold.

Although it looks like a solar clock, Rogers says that the structure represents the movement of the planets around the sun, having aligned the group with the sunset of the winter solstice.

To arrive here it is necessary to drive towards San Augustín, then take the detour towards Cala Conta. The best time to go is during sunset, since the views and the color of light make the experience even more unforgettable. We recommend that you reserve transportation beforehand, since the place is relatively distant. If you’re up for it, going with a local private chauffeur like the ones provided by Dipesa Group means ensuring the experience, because in addition to enjoying your trip with the greatest comfort, you will be able to learn a thousand details and secrets that only a local can share.

Welcome to our home. We hope that you enjoy your visit. You can count on our company to create memorable experiences out of every trip you require in Ibiza.

Dipesa Group, a cardioprotective space

Dipesa Group, a cardioprotective space

Dipesa Group has a semi-automatic external defibrillator at its facilities. In this way, we seek to prevent and provide assistance in case of urgent medical assistance after a cardiac arrest in our facilities and surroundings.

The semi automatic external defibrillator located at the Dipesa Group facilities is within the reach of our office and driving staff, who in the event of requiring urgent attention would be the first responders to achieve defibrillation before the maximum recommended time from the stop has elapsed.

Our staff, made up of EmergencyStaff, knows how to proceed for proper care of cardio-respiratory arrest, which consists of the rapid application of a series of actions known as a chain of survival.

In Spain there are more than 32,000 cardiac arrests a year, a cardiac arrest every 20 minutes, causing 4 times more deaths than traffic accidents. Most of these arrests occur outside of the hospital setting, and the only way to achieve longer survival is prompt and timely treatment. For this reason, it is vitally important for us to have the necessary elements, both human and material, to be able to assist anyone who needs it, either at or near our facilities.

Emergency Staff, on a driver training at the Dipesa Group facilities.


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Private transfer from Ibiza airport

Private transfer from Ibiza airport

At Dipesa Group we monitor the arrival flight of each of our clients to anticipate possible changes in the flight arrival time. In this way, the customer is offered the meet & greet service inside the airport terminal, avoiding waiting and the inconvenience of having to look for their driver among the hustle and bustle of people outside the terminal.

Currently, the interior of the Ibiza airport terminal can only be accessed by people who are going to travel with their boarding pass, or duly accredited personnel due to the COVID protocol. Dipesa Group, in addition to having an office in the Ibiza airport arrivals hall, has all its office and driving staff accredited, thus offering optimal customer service from arrival to departure.

An accredited driver from Luxive, the luxury flagship of the Dipesa Group, poses with a typical sign outside the Ibiza airport. Photo: Joan F. Ribas

The driver will wait in the arrivals hall of the Ibiza airport with a sign with the client's name. In addition, both the real-time location of the driver, as well as the name and telephone number, can be consulted by the client through the link provided in the reservation confirmation email, thus offering the possibility of contacting the driver for any query or inconvenience that may arise to the client, thus providing the precious value of tranquility when traveling.

Transfers to restaurants or beaches in Ibiza

In addition to private transport services from or to Ibiza airport, Dipesa Group offers door-to-door services, to yachts or villas, and excursions to any corner of the island, as well as services available. Dipesa Group has been providing the best service for more than 30 years thanks to the human value of its drivers, who will be able to advise according to the requirements of each client on any restaurant or beach recommendation in Ibiza to fully enjoy their stay in Ibiza.


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No more plastic on board our vehicles

No more plastic on board our vehicles

Dipesa Group has undertaken the purchase of 28,000 bottles of water in a 33cl tetra-brik format with a 100% vegetable stopper for this summer season 2021. In this way, in addition to reducing CO2 emissions by 50% in the packaging manufacturing process, amenities will be offered on board in sustainable and recyclable packaging.

With this small effort we make our real commitment to the environment and society visible, since thanks to the collaboration of our supplier with the Malaga NGO Pozos sin Fronteras, we will help bring water to communities that suffer from scarcity and remoteness of hydric resources. From this, it becomes possible to build a sustainable society, with education and agricultural training as pillars of development.

The new packaging, which is designed to raise awareness of the fragility of the ecosystems of Ibiza and Formentera, is presented with the claim "Take care of Ibiza & Formentera" as the main motif. The objective is that the traveler becomes aware of the importance of using 100% recyclable packaging to minimize the environmental impact of plastic suffered by our islands.

In the design of the bottle, devised by Juanjo Ribas from Souvenir Estudio, the illustrations of two company vehicles have been used. These illustrations are the same ones that were designed to animate the video presentation of the booking engine and decorate the headquarters of the company. In addition, the bottle also includes the Dipesa Group logo, as well as its luxury insignia; Luxive.

  • Brik Dipesa Group 330 Ml 01

  • Brik Dipesa Group 330 Ml 02

  • Brik Dipesa Group 330 Ml 03

  • Brik Dipesa Group 330 Ml 04


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