Tips from an experienced chauffeur: How to hire a transportation service for your wedding.

No one has the slightest doubt that getting married in Ibiza is to have a dream wedding. We know because we are Ibicencos and have taken generations of families to the altar. Generations of residents and locals, as tourists, fall in love with the island and want to share it with their loved ones. 

Celebrating a wedding in Ibiza will always be wise. The excellent weather accompanies us, the diversity of locations, and the island's reputation always has something to offer to all personalities. But the truth is that the arrangements require a lot of details, and transportation can be an essential management point. 

The transportation of guests and bride and groom involves details that most of them go unnoticed. That's why we turned to our specialists, experienced private chauffeurs, and asked them for a list of tips we shared with you today. 

Tips for your wedding transportation.

1. Cristina's advice:

Once you book your wedding venue, agree on the logistics of private transportation. 

In Ibiza, there are many places to make beautiful celebrations. Still, once the decision is made, it is essential to consider what type of transport access is adapted for. 

It is not the same to transport groups in buses or mini-buses on ample avenues as in private cars on dirt roads. This, in most cases, is not a personal choice but a demand of the location. 

Therefore, we at DIPESA GROUP recommend informing yourself in advance and making the right decision. We know every hidden spot on the island, so we offer a private wedding transportation service adapted to each client and without inconveniences.

2. Josep's advice:

If you are getting married from May to October, make your reservation months in advance.

If your idea is to celebrate the wedding between May and October, private transportation services in Ibiza will be in high demand. It is the high season, so it is advisable to make the reservation enough months in advance. 

Leaving this vital step to the last minute only brings headaches.

3. Aníbal's advice:

When transporting guests, always count a few extra people.

The bride and groom are expected to agree on how the guests will be transported to their wedding. The usual thing is to make a list of the people who will use it to hire the services adjusted to the demand. 

Here is the tip: It is convenient to leave some additional seats. In case unforeseen events arise or some guests change their way of returning home to enjoy the party.

We have seen at every wedding how our private transportation service has moved more than one happy soul to a safe place we did not count on (Just because we were foresighted).


We know that a wedding takes time and dedication. The transfer is just one edge of the thousands of things that give excitement in the process. That's why at DIPESA GROUP we work with specialist partners in the area and offer a tailored service so that everyone involved can say goodbye to worries and hello to a beautiful experience. 

Congratulations! When are you getting married?