Private transfer in Ibiza

Private transfer to discover the curiosities of Ibiza and combine work with pleasure.

Ibiza has always been known as a summer destination, but for those who live here and proudly call ourselves Ibizans, this couldn't be further from the truth. During the autumn, the island transforms into an oasis of tranquility, away from the hustle and bustle of the high tourist season. The island is filled with autumn colors, creating a picturesque and serene atmosphere that draws in those seeking a calmer and more relaxed way of life. The days are cooler, the nights are longer, and the island is alive with festivals and cultural events celebrating Ibiza's rich history and traditions. 

To truly experience the beauty of this season, you'll need an efficient and personalized form of transportation. Here, we'll provide you with all the necessary information and even share some little secrets to make your visit unforgettable.

Without further ado: Benvinguts a ca nostra.

Exploring the fusion of work and pleasure in Ibiza

Ibiza is a holiday destination and a place many choose to work and live. The island has a variety of workspaces and a new community of entrepreneurs and digital professionals who come from all over the world to create synergies. This fusion of work and pleasure is one of the unique characteristics that attracts many to our island in autumn-winter.

The flexibility of remote work has increased the "work tourism" trend on the island, where professionals combine work and travel to enjoy the best of both worlds. However, to get around and effectively balance work and play, you need reliable transportation. This is where the service we provide at Dipesa Group becomes essential: A comfortable, discreet, and safe transfer supplied by people who know this paradise like the back of their hand.

How Dipesa Group private transport can improve the experience in Ibiza

Dipesa Group offers personal transport services that enable efficient and comfortable movement around Ibiza. Whether exploring the island's autumn curiosities, traveling to work meetings, or simply enjoying Ibiza's natural and cultural beauty, our chauffeur-driven transfer service simplifies your agenda. It allows you to make the most of your time. 

Our fleet comprises high-end vehicles that cater to families, groups, couples, and solo travelers. Our primary objective is to ensure that no one has to worry about schedule limitations or the hassle of driving and finding parking. Dipesa Group has a team available to program the route that suits our clients' convenience, subject to any changes that may arise.

Main autumn curiosities to explore in Ibiza with private transport

With private transport, it is possible to work, have meetings, or delve into the investment world of Ibiza, but it is also possible to explore places and curiosities that often go unnoticed in summer.

We will share some data that we keep as treasures in this article. This is just a prelude to everything you can discover in a private transfer service with Dipesa Group:

  1. For those who appreciate contemporary art, in Ibiza City, we have the MACE - Museum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza. Occupying part of an old military construction, the work of engineer Simón Poulet, who takes advantage of an old casemate half buried in the embankment of the Baluarte de San Juan, a permanent collection of posters from the extinct Carl van der Voort gallery, Japanese engravings, awaits here all year round. And an elegant composition of drawings by Portmany. In addition, Bechtold, Floris, Hausmann, Le Parc, Tàpies, and Gordillo decorate its walls.
  1. If you want to experience the authentic vibe of the streets of our island, you must visit Puig de Missa. It's a beautiful construction built during the 16th century on top of the hill. The lime walls are arranged in a maze of cubic shapes, making this church fortress a remarkable example of ancient architecture. It's home to a baroque altarpiece from the San Millán Church in Segovia. Destroyed initially during the Spanish Civil War, the Marquis of Lozoya brought it here to replace the previous altarpiece. An interesting fact about this church is that it has the most extensive porch in Ibiza, which comprises two rows of arches.
  1. In Ibiza, there is a great variety of crafts, and one of the most picturesque places to visit is the Te CUERO store located on the beautiful pedestrian streets of Santa Gertrudis. For over three decades, Marlies and her son have been working with leather using traditional techniques to create a range of accessories. The store is filled with old tools, and the owners are always dedicated and attentive, providing visitors a warm and welcoming experience.
  1. There is one last interesting thing we want to tell you about - Bar Costa, in Santa Gertrudis. This place is famous for its affordable ham sandwiches (from Jabugo, by the way), but it's also worth visiting to see the beautiful paintings that adorn its walls. In the seventies, Vicent Roig Pi began exchanging drinks for paintings with the Chilean artist Andrés Monreal, which eventually led to deals with other artists. He even started selling paintings to tourists, using the money to acquire new pieces from local artists' studios. Eventually, his collection grew to 80 paintings, some still displayed on the establishment's walls - including some huge ones. Among them, the work of Antonio Villanueva, Monreal, Pomar, Vicent Calbet, Perelló, Azóca.

Vicent passed away a few years ago, and now his son Pep and his grandson Vicent take care of the establishment, but the magic and authenticity of Ibiza and its people remain intact.

For us at Dipesa Group, it is an honor to share the authentic Ibiza. We are a family business with more than 30 years of serving the people who come to enjoy our home. Understanding that sharing our land is just the beginning of an action in which we are committed to giving back something better is a mission that characterizes how we do each of our clients' private transfers.

Let us attend you to combine pleasure and work in a single experience.