Test ride of the new Mercedes-Benz EQV

These days we have been lucky enough to test the new Mercedes Benz EQV, the first electric premium van on the market and the second of the German brand after the Mercedes EQC.

Our trusted car dealer Terranauto, which represents the Mercedes-Benz brand in Ibiza, has given us the possibility to try these days this new van, which differs slightly from the thermal V-Class mainly in the chrome front grille, and of course in the charging outlet, located on the front left of the vehicle, position designed for perpendicular parking against the electric charging point, granting free access to the passenger doors, as well as the trunk.

Behind the wheel, the EQV behaves superbly and in a very similar way to its sister, the V-Class, despite the obvious differences that the electric motor offers us in the driving speed in relation to the heat engine. Once on the road, the passenger is the great beneficiary of this smoothness, that turns the trip into a smooth silent glide on the road.

The EQV reaches approximately 400km of autonomy, and thanks to the fast charging functionality of this model, takes less than an hour to charge from 10 to 80% of its capacity in fast charging stations up to 110kW.

A waiting time that is offset by a sensational driving experience, and the simple fact of traveling knowing that you are respecting the environment, visibly reducing the cost with respect to any combustion vehicle.