Donation of masks to Eiviatletisme

Dipesa Group, as sponsor of Eiviatletisme, has donated 200 reusable masks, personalized with the club's logo and colors.

Eiviatletisme is a federated athletics and cycling club that was born in 2013 on the island of Ibiza with the intention of bringing to young people the practice of these sports in an enjoyable and fun way, with the philosophy of teaching and learning by playing.

To do this, Eiviatletisme has different training groups supervised by qualified coaches spread throughout the island of Ibiza, which help young athletes develop the activity they like most. Eiviatletisme is a family that does not stop growing, and we are proud to be part of.

Dipesa Group, which collaborates regularly with sports teams and events, has made this small gesture in its intention to promote basic sport safely at a time as delicate as the one we are having to live.

Christian Torres (Eiviatletisme), poses in the photo with Emilio Díaz (manager of Dipesa Group) in front of our facilities.