Private driver service in Ibiza

Among the premium services offered by Dipesa Group in Ibiza, in addition to transfers by luxury vehicle with a driver with a defined origin and destination, there is the option to hire the vehicle at disposal.

This service offered by our luxury brand Luxive, is by hours, that is, the vehicle is contracted for as long as necessary hours or even for full days. This means that the customer will have a driver at their disposal for as long as the service has been contracted. If the service has a duration of several days, by default the driver who will accompany you will be the same, offering a much more personalized and close service to the customer. This service offers many amenities, as a fully tailored service is provided for getting around the island, shopping, attending a private event in a villa or simply going out to dinner. The driver will make the required journey at all times and will wait until the customer needs to travel again.

The chauffeur service available to Luxive during, for example 4 hours, can cost less than 250€ depending on the time of year and the type of vehicle chosen (all are practically new as Luxive's fleet is an average age of 2 years). The conveniences offered to the customer such service are evident, even more so considering that Luxive drivers are mostly native, which means, and with a high level of English. They are great connoisseurs of Ibiza and are aware of the added value that each place on the island can bring to the client, if they are consulted by a restaurant suggestion to go out to eat, a beach to rest with the family or a club to go out and have a good time. In addition, the Luxive driver is well aware of the know-how provided by a company with almost 30 years of experience, facilitating if necessary reservations at restaurants, VIP tables in fashion clubs or even managing boat rentals or private flights.

This type of service can be contracted online through this website, although if you have any questions about this type of service, some special request, or simply want a more personalized attention, our sales team will help you in what you need via phone, WhatsApp and/or mail.