Dipesa Group, a cardioprotective space

Dipesa Group has a semi-automatic external defibrillator at its facilities. In this way, we seek to prevent and provide assistance in case of urgent medical assistance after a cardiac arrest in our facilities and surroundings.

The semi automatic external defibrillator located at the Dipesa Group facilities is within the reach of our office and driving staff, who in the event of requiring urgent attention would be the first responders to achieve defibrillation before the maximum recommended time from the stop has elapsed.

Our staff, made up of EmergencyStaff, knows how to proceed for proper care of cardio-respiratory arrest, which consists of the rapid application of a series of actions known as a chain of survival.

In Spain there are more than 32,000 cardiac arrests a year, a cardiac arrest every 20 minutes, causing 4 times more deaths than traffic accidents. Most of these arrests occur outside of the hospital setting, and the only way to achieve longer survival is prompt and timely treatment. For this reason, it is vitally important for us to have the necessary elements, both human and material, to be able to assist anyone who needs it, either at or near our facilities.

Emergency Staff, on a driver training at the Dipesa Group facilities.